Tuesday, October 28, 2008 @ 6:57 PM
TONITE EMOrock3r is GOIN TO PLAY club xD
@tanjong pagar..
it's a halloween party WAHAHAHA.. TRICK or TREAD?
6 hours of RnB N 1 hour HARDSTYLE TRANCE yea ~
can shuffler shuffler le.. xD
Main things tu destress myself ..

Monday, October 27, 2008 @ 7:28 PM
haiis.. friday 24/Oct go swim swim @ jurong wif ar fat, kyo, ben, jia ren n mi..
happy bulling malay ppl LOL ..
25/Oct Saturday when out wif yimei.. we when tu cwp watch 'The Coffin"
ok la quite Suck =x .. tat send her tu church.. i wanna surprize her by i hab aready order a cake earli on 23/Oct i order a love shape cake by my own design on it.. wait wait wait while wait my fren say mi wao why so long she wat princess ar.. mi quite quite give them say..some don wan tu wait animore so go home frist.. tat finially she cum..i bring her tu they celebrat..she surprise mi by sayin don wan.. ok i say don let mi pai seh other ppl oso wait so long.. think for mi can why nvr put urself in other ppl shoes only think of urself?? tat she luk force tu cum lor.. i face jiu black black lor.. after my fren n mi sing happy b'dae song.. tell her tu blow candles she reply Don wan.. u knw by the tym she blow candles it Ordy burn over half le.. ok nvm i tell she cut de cake she reply Don wan.. tat my face turn until luk bao jin tian le.. tat she jiu luk force herself tu cut the cake.. ok nvm tat Jesline help up cut de cake tu slices tat i give the cake tu ppl.. n yimei farkin hurt mi tat day by sayin de cake not nice don wan eat.. x'( it hurts.. nvm tat i faster gif out cake..clean up place bring her tu Mac.. i bougth McSpicy for her n she say Eeyer i don luk u gt see be4 i eat mcspicy? i say how i knw... Mcspicy very nice mah so i buy lor.. tat i tear it into half ok lor since luk u say don wan eat so mani We half half lor.. after eat.. send her home.. ..
26/Oct sunday wake up when tu sentosa wif kyo, ar fat, ben, ben sao, yue bao. at nite x.boii,ahlian cum join in.. we ton at sentosa drinkin beer together tokin "xin shi" haiis..
tat tym i ordy little bit cheng xin abt yimei de way she tread mi.. until midnite.. she call mi tat tokin tokin happy happy until da ben sudden call.. tell mi gt prob is about yi mei n his gf mailin..
But the prob i don wiish tu post in blog .. *can ask mi personnally*
at morni mit yimei up solve things clear..but WAtever i ask her she will reply Don knw Don knw if not she will auto change topic wanna escape the fact i say u say true i willn't angry.. i HATE liar only.. she jiu keep on luk tat keep hinde things behinde mi . wanna escape de fact. tat after i send her home feel luk to hug her a kiss her so TAT is de LAST hug n kiss i gif it to her..
Reach home le she call mi.. i ans lor in same tym.. i mit ivan,alex,zhi yang,heng siang help tat tu Pieace haha.. tok on phone i nt free mah doin things buyin barbell things.. she say hmm nevermind u nt free ltr call back i was luk ok bye~ tat she eeyeer realli wanna hang ar.. i jiu =.= is u ownself wan de leh.. now luk tat say she can don contact genevee.. ( nu-er) i say why u her mummi i her daddy.. we close close fren only mah..she say she was jealous ok i say u don scare she gt BF de ok...n i love de ppl is u.. she say disown her =.= i say she very ke lian le leh she tread u so gud n u end up luk tat tread her unfair to genevee ..n ok u wanna see mi or u more HONG rite? ok i ask her u lao shi tell lim bei how mani GAN laogong n GAn baobei u gt? she say don knw gt mani shu bu cheng.. n she say u same de lor i reply lim bei don hav gan baobei n laopo la.. gan MEI n DIDI ALOT.. ok u gt how mani Ex-bf? she say don knw gt mani.. I say mi gt only 5 ex u leh? hongster.. she say don say le ok change topic .. ok i ask her bak de prob (i don wish to post in blog about tis prob) SHE same say DON KNW.. I very du lan.. at nite i wait my jie cum home use frenster a while i saw a msg she send : "

maybe ue ddun0e mii well enuff. when ii sae 'ddun0e', ii either mean ii really ddun0e or lazy answer ue. hais.

ii wont lie to ue.

ii wont forget wat ue do juz nn0w. kup myy cor nn ddhose words. x) did ue break ur pwomise ? haha. nn0 nidd contact mii. nn0 nidd repwy ddhis msg. let mii forget all ddhese nn ue.

take care of urself lots. (x

MI reply : "

it's a serious matter u knw? Serious matter u can tell mi lazy tu ans?? har? i brk wat promise tell mi la?? it's not i don trust u is u don let mi tu u knw? i kup ur cor ok as i say because as i say i say don knw one more tym i will break wif u.. ok .. tat she keep say don knw keep protectin a Farker.. how tu trust her.. i SOU BU CHU break wif u cause i love u SO I KUP ur cor I DON WIISH TU SAY BRK ..but i understand wat u mean by tis msg... sayonara i love u _I_

Thursday, October 23, 2008 @ 6:06 PM
Haiis... normal life normal days..
ytd is 2nd 7 days of ar ma~
hear tat every 7 days grandma will return..
but she didn't cum find mi x'( ..
Or i slp until luk pig le =x ..
haha after sch go mit my didi Ivan.. xD
tell mi help him piece smiley...so ok lor..
tat jiu feel luk piecing lor so i piece my lips x)
try try ...LOL now tat i knw fish gt hook the feel
Pain is pain but ok la can TaHan...
tat a nite listenin to my mama de "DA BEI ZOU" =.=
haii i knw she care for mi..heart pain..
tat i lock myself in room lazy tu quarr xD..
on 29 haha waitin for tat day enjoy myself x)..
ANIONE interested wif tiis party??

Saturday, October 18, 2008 @ 11:29 AM
haha... sch starto..
n havin normal life..
friday morni.. jus Quar wif mama x'(
feel very bad lor.. haii mama don gua wo..
i ownself gt mani mani thin too stress up wif..
tat jus wake up u jiu shout loud loud so i sure shout back u..
nvm..after sch go swimin tat go sintua tat go find 768 bro..
hab a drinkin session MARTELL CORDON BLEU song~~~
tat go slp lor..
TODAY saturday
Super happy go out wif Jiaren&Meili, Shicai,Amelia and one n only MY LAOPO~
go cine watch BUTTERFLY LOVER tat take NEOprint
PLAy arcade LOL.. Crazy we all..
after mi n dear dear buy mani mani Cute Cute Cup Cake n Donuts
haha cause to celebra my dear dear b'dae in advance
after she & mi at home Sweet Sweet.. LOL
tat bring her home lor..
had a nice n happy day yea~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 @ 5:36 PM
Haiis~ finially funeral has done..
everything has over ... BUT

Friday, October 10, 2008 @ 10:28 AM
AH MA~ x')

firstly i sad of cos haii tym past realli fast
n Ar ma jiu go tu heaven ..

Secondly i feel happy for her for release herself from suffering of cancer.

it really shock mi
at 9 Oct when to home club xD
it's so fun n knw new frens at ther..
the club is so song lor if play drug sure high =x
don worry i won't touch.. cause it's a trance party xD
ok la shuffle until very song tat dance wif other ppl
.. after club my fren jeffery de fren kena BAO
wao look luk very fun tat mi n his group of ppl
RUN go find his fren who kena bao..
Wao lao his fren look guai guai de lor..
tat he say kena 369 ppl bao =.=
i we run go find them Mi, Jeffery, Marcus
we 3 run infornt tat the big group at back shout AST poem LOL
tat Suddenly a group of malay leng ar leng~ thye whye leng~
tak out parang!! WOO~ mi shock tio tat our group ppl say run run
tat we kena chase LOL fun!! but farkin scary~..
after tat they chase until miss us.. tat we save le lor lol all go BK hsu eat drink
TAT i SAW "TING KEE" chee sheng u knw who ar..
call other group ppl ask they gt kena wat anot..
tat Zen call mi say their fren kena tok!!
wooo i say my group lucky nth.. tat jiu mit up
slack slack until moring..
tak frist train go home bath slp..
ben lai wwan go ZOO wif 768 bro
but really damn tried~ haii sorry 768 bro PS u all.. x(
but how i knw from 8 i slp until 1:45 my mama cum in my room
tat wao i shock ji tao becum jin sheng ..
go rush go dwn haii see my ar ma last tym tat help up
prepare Song kah.. tat now i bak home infornt com
write dwn my bored life.. x')

BTW ar ma i love u R.I.P