Tuesday, March 23, 2010 @ 12:06 AM
boo hoo~ heyhey frens how u..
thos day i learn many things of been human
but i still don get wat's the target of been human?
hmm.. blur.. haii don think so much walk one day count one day
and seen many diff kinda of ppl werid de... wear mask de.. steady de.. heart good de..
haha my mother? funny knw wat she say
if i'm "hao ming" ( good life) now already become father lor
i tell her no.. i'm not a person tat anyhow one ok..
plus tat i'm single how long le u all knw it LOL
wat i doin thos day?
19/03 sin tua wif kor kor tat TMD hp spoil
20/03 wake up walk walk around shopping for new hp wif korkor
21/03 go meet korkor n star choong my n other bro haha
22/03 go Mac slack, play arcade, pasar malan walk walk home to slp

no life like tat =X

yea n most important wait for
the love, the happiness i need
to appear in my life .. one day she appear
i will treasure "her" one million year..

Friday, March 19, 2010 @ 2:26 AM
YOHOO~ FRENs how's holiday? lol
thos day normal day normal life let times fly
haii sometime no money to leave really can die
why in tis world ther so many ppl wearing a mask?
n ther oso many kinda of ppl in tis world
i really really can't understand..

let's see wat i do thos day
10/03 wake up buy 4D nite go Powerhouse lol
11/03 wake in noon go 325 celebra ah hui's b'dae haha
12/03 wake at korkor house go Mac tat Pizza hut nite sin tua lor
13/03 wake about at nite :X power hor? go jr house cut botak cos hair spoil damn dry tat go korkor house ton
14/03 morni go ah tan house an seng..after go to pa yoh temple slack until nte go sing K haha
15/03 wake up in noon again go meet korkor nite go back sin tua pray end 0f month (chinese)
16/03 go Mac slack nite sintua for first day of month (chinese) nite Jr house yea long tym nvr find him
17/03 sin tua to recall army back to eat nite go to geylang find fren tat go to korkor house slp
18/03 go amk hub walk walk tat go back kor house rest nite go yishun seaside do things haha nite go Jr nite celebrate his b'dae haha but tat nite really F up .. n i don wish to say really F tat nite n tat person not him ..

yea let's took look at the pic

powerhouse :D

ah hui's b'dae

Pizza hut

tao pa yoh old temple lian san swan lin shi

tis boi like shit use a stick n playin his BLUE underwear around in bus

Swen-Sens :D

HMM. . .

after ice-cream sing K

see tis sweet couple LC-ling in Mac :X

Yea i hope i can go back to children nvr grow up :D
cos children has no stress at all

OK gtg sign off haha tc fren RB to tag wor :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 @ 12:02 AM
HEYYO fren

i'm back haha wif new hair shoe ur thos piic
haha thos day i knw alot alots of fren :D

daily dairy
22 feb.. nite damn bored go 768 slack
23 feb.. morni lion dance nite go jiaren hsu
24 feb.. sing K at marsiling CC nite Powerhouse saw many old fren
25 feb.. morni lion dance back home slp whole day nite go kfc wif korkor, jasmine, papa after tat Qi li xiang
26 feb.. wake up korkor house sintua back home slp
27 feb.. afternoon lion dance go cemetery do things tat Qi Li Xiang n TOP bar
28 feb.. last day of new year nvr slp u knw when to lion dance nite sin tua again
01 march.. go simei ite do hair
02 march.. go bugis nite steam boat wif sis IT's her b'dae
03 march.. morni an sheng afternoon simei ite walk cat walk nite Qi Li Xiang
04 march.. Jr hsu wake up go simei ite again for cat walk nite go jia-tou tat Xin tian haha
05 march.. hair modeling for final Gradution day of my bro Jr hair fashion design nite sin tua
06 march.. bugis wif korkor n ar yi nite movie Fu xin dao hahaha
07 march.. KorKor hsu wake up go Meditation qafter go movie Zou-ren funny show nite song ka
08 march.. morni go find liting eat KFC *kallang fucking centre :X joking nite go bt.batok find Jr n go his hsu at nite
09 march.. morni come home slp wake in noon go 768 meet korkor tak bike go service bicycle i mean :X go home bath go song ka again midnite go 768 meet korkor n jess jie slack toking haha

thos r wat i do thos day.. wat if i got a GF :X will be great haha
ok la quite happpy knw a lots of fren haha :D

ok show u guys thos pic took in thos day

my hair from like tis..

mi n jr

becum like tat

nite at 768 took

see tis uncle nice slp

hair cut cut


tis my sis took in LA MEI ZI steam boat place

see forest in fire


tis fucker put de dig ear bub on the sit _I_

tis is tat fucker

see his handsome move LOL


tis bugis street ther tis china man had a nice art talent

thos uncle aunite so happy dance lol

motor BOOOM~~

thos r de colour when in big sunligth