Thursday, January 28, 2010 @ 5:31 AM

21 /01 nite when to watch movie JUMP yea nice show
wif angtiong korkor n jasmine
late go JR hsu slack slack nia

22/01 rotting whole day at home go o sin tua at nite
and tat boat quay haha.. drink drink can slp better.. :X


23/01 rotting to die oso
at nite meet JR for dinner eat KFC
haha tat go his hsu watch "LONG ZAI JIANG HU"

24/01 haii wanna meet her but her did not turn up..
go MAC meet angtiong eat
nite meet JR for movie THE SPY NEXT DOOR nice :D
and tak bac ear piece from pei yun

see tis pei yun.. i go tak bac my ear piece u can see i wearin it

tis JR doin own things
i buy two dvd tat day "MU LAN" & "RAGING PHOENIX"

25/01 ang tiong korkor morni ride bicycle come find me ai seh happy seh
tat i keep ask him go swimming cos very long nvr go swim swim le
hahaha happy sio
nite go watch mu lan at jr hsu..



27/ 01 go TAKASHIMAYA work haha

tis is at nite doin mask haha

tis at taka basement 2

tis de sign board it's famous at hong kong u knw
after work goin tak mrt a person japanese come ask me weather wanna be levi's jeans model
LOL wat a joke =.= sure lie one..wat "i model" de i go ask around is tis real? ppl say nid gif money haha lucky i not stupid haha..and tat stupid japan say wat free lance model =.=
actually i doesn't like model so much cos they very "hao lian"- ya ya ( but not all ok)

yea ytd nite did when to boat quay after work

tis my JR he rocks my life wohoo~
if one day i becum gay frist find him :X LOL JOKIN!!

nasi lemak at BK eating hsu ( boat quay)

28/01 today workin whole day reach home?
posting blog now haha after bath n eating mama's fried rice

today store

de chief baking egg tarts

hong kong ppl making love letter "egg rolls"

see the egg tarts haha
yea should post until here
rmb tag tag wor haha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 8:57 PM
HEYYO edmund huggen-dazs
your sweetest favourite ice-cream is here
wao haha :X
18/01 monday go no wher ya when back
sin tua ppl got important things to ask n need help

19/02 tuesday when to work
it's a stupid fucking work first say $5 per hr. 12 hr a day ok
in end $4 per hr. 12 hr a day .food not provided fuck it man
so i jus quit on tat day

20/02 when to jb wif ang tiong korkor, ar yi, jasmine
go buy new year stuff LOL ok de la
after buy buy go eat seafood nice
end up now stomach pain =.= but really nice la

today 21/02 wake up shinny brigth mornin
ltr goin do wat hmmm say again lor haha
btw i really hope cinerella will apear infornt of me before chinese new year haha

Sunday, January 17, 2010 @ 9:54 PM
HEYYO fren yea let me show u some piic on hair model shooting
haha it's done on 12/01


JR make me to comb tiis stupid hair =.=


nice nice? haha comment on tag yea

tis is putting wishing lantern on 10/01 nite time
haha n saddly i my fren gary my ite fren past away on a motor accident :(
RIP gary

mi n my sis n the wind is damn really big tat nite

yea tis hair cuting n 11/01

hair colouring on 12/01

after tat we when cwp saw rain bow :D

can see?

13/01 morni when to help fren move house
nite when to St.james Powerhouse haha
go dance dance

14/01 wake up at nite when to 325 kopi shop slack slack

15/01 when to sin tua

16/01 when to sin tua ( kor kun) recall army back
when to amk ar gong's sin tua
when to boat quay at 11:30 pm haha

17/01 when to bugis walk walk with JR.. ar fat.. beatice..
nite when song ka.. tat geylang sakura(siam disco)

acting cute pic :X

haha i'm a ninja

yea yea yea~
thos pic r took on last year wei ming b'dae

Teh'O (martell) favourite drink

see jasen has been rape by me n Jr :D

n in end he prefer to stand tat sitting between me n jr LOL

oh my half face got cover

thos is took by Joyce on wei ming b'dae too

is tis pic look like in tokyo? haha

but it's at orchard road
haha goin to japan is my dream n taiwan :D
hmmm day by day.. time flowing fast
tis chinese new year is on 14/02 which valentine day
haii but i'm still single haha ... already xi guan le
relationship thing cannot be force cos
mian qiang shi mei xin fu de.. haha i knw de ok..
so put it as natural
if got good .. if no let it be..
yea write until here.. sign off Edmund :D
rmb to tag wor