Thursday, October 29, 2009 @ 7:44 PM
HAIS.. sometime i really don knw wats REAL fren.. wats FAKE fren..
HAHA yo yo yo is like finally almost ther tis is the 3rd week of sch
letf 4 more week to go.. Haiis sch works really is making me stress. 
plus teacher say holiday Start Dec 2 becum 15 Dec 
WTF sian... my sin tua big day Da Ru Zi.. is on 7 Dec 
Teacher r u jokin? RAWR damn lots of work of sch n sin tua.. 
Whos goin help me... n i'm alone, a single i mean no one gif me the love tat i wanna 
:(  jus turn my eye n i'm already single for a year like tis le.. 
normal sch normal life haiis.. 

YTD is my grand mother pass away 1 year aniversary

Eating buffet wif family

Burnin thos paper money paper cloth 

my cousin cute hor o.O

don Snatch my 100 plus xP..

sometime i really miss thos enjoy happy moment together

ARMY lor.. 
next year la.. LOL :X

i draw de nice hor? :X

Rose for who? don knw my cinerella haben appear ... haiss i will nvr appear ba.. :( 
EMOrock3r is still rockin on n waiting .. 
RMB to tag hor ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ 9:37 PM
LOL heyyo fren haha sch open all stress come back lor..
mus do Porfoilo
a Poster & a CD-cover
Own company logo & corpration identiy
type out a 4 page proposal
a own Wedsite Online profoilo
(about myself , illustration, print desgin, packaging Design , web Design, animation, photography, My contact* facebook,blog. a Sitemap)
WTF it's like a damn lots things to do la..
YA still got mobile game design =.= RAWR~ STRESS~

post some pic when to boat quay de

she so emo

do their own things

^0^ only weiming look over LOL





Drink not enough leh D:



Ownself make latern

making lantern LOL.. wif candle box ok..

is tis nice? :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 7:48 PM
YOHOO~ lol today back to the youth prison day (Schoolin) 
 =.=  now hadin profoilo lesson.. 
is like haiss i don knw wanna countiue doin thos design in my life 
after 2 DEC last day of sch * still must ta han awhile 
i don wanna countiue cos Don knw after NS come out can do wat? 
maybe sign on? ... Mmm outside oso got many ppl got thos design art minds talent 
yea so tat's de reason why i don wanna countiue.. 
btw oso mus study finish take A "Nitec" cer .. At least ya.. 
Now at MAC lab =.= i hate it cos it sux ..
later i use my thumb drive Spoil again 
so i don do work in MAC lab.. btw we use tis lab in Making profoilo lesson 
so it's ok de... i will jus use thos past done de work lo. 
TMR interactive media will be in Pc lab(window) will be better haha 
hmm saturday 10/10 
go sin tua slack  until nite go Pub wif Jiaren , wei ming, Joyce 
haha happy drink n enjoyin de nite wif them thanks frens
& WAo got ppl take number from me happy sio :D 
long time nvr got tis things happen le :X 
ytd sunday 11/10 
after drink in boat quay we all cum my house watch lord of ring 
half way all tired LOL my my room orh orh lo. 
slp at 10am? wake at 3 pm 
all go home i company jia ren go 768 cut hair
tat i go sin tua.. until nite 
slack awhile wif jia ren, wei ming, joyce till 11:30 haha go home slp.. 
cos of today sch sch lo.. 
yea should post until here nth really much :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @ 7:14 PM
HAHA yo frens it's been so long nvr blog le haha
Actually is i forget wat i done le la MOST is at sin tua lor..
rest? orh i got took pic.. so lets look at more pic less tok :D
WAt past is past..jus let it go
u will feel much more better

LOL tis produc is still on sale

LANTERN FESTIV go play rocket n fire >:)

LOL de most funniest day drink only wif 2 ppl ? o.O

Room renovation wao haha...



My birthday BBQ i took very less pic.. JESLINE UPLOAD MORE PIC GIF ME D:

MY Birthday cake :/


Why r we GUYS in hotel u all will ask..
cos we go tu play until no bus back SG =.=
so at ther overnite hahaha

City square toliet (malaysia)

Old Folk Kai (malaysia) street sellin Dirty food :X
Not wat hor we all eat le next day at home Poo Poo~ :X