Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 12:45 AM
YOHOOO~ long time nvr club le LOL
thinkin tis 31 goin tu play anot? :/
hmmm 7th mnth 7th mnth All good brothers around us LOL
hmmm many task haha
.new project on animation
.friday go cemetery do 7th mnth things
.31 sept Play club
.2 sept Takashimaya lion dance competition
.9 sept go bedok huart piyo
.16 sept go eat table LOL
n so far so like tat :X don knw wat tu say Aiyo stress like forget wat tu do again :(
die die die old le STM le :X

Friday, August 21, 2009 @ 10:56 AM


Yea it's on loreal hair wax haha

Smile wif sam sunglass

Yea thos pic ar de lion dance competition
oh yea our troop WEN YONG manage to go Semi-final
NEE ANN CITY infornt takashimaya ther tis year at 2 SEPT :)
good work jia you

YOHOO~ Kobawa~ hmmm shall be ohaiyo ba now 2am :X
my sis n ur Sam sam in my room sing =.="
ya n today is ALICIA ng's B'DAE
happy b'dae tu u... happy b'dae tu u..
hope ur wish will come true n had a great score in study haha..
sobx sobx sad le..
hmmm ytd wat a friday when tu Medic check up for Ns
Wohoo~ guest wat i got Pes A don knw wanna be happy? or sad?

haha rawr Bite u *~ OMG i'm mad :X
afternoon go sintua doin some temple medium things yea so on

His de one Like to play alot Zai ZAi

*yea tis my sin tua SHENG FA GONG heaven gods


now at home suddenly feelin very lonly :(

Yea that's my door Painted by ME :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009 @ 1:27 AM
ok hmmm today goin to post wat's all in my heart..
How i really wish just to see u n kiss u jus one more time before i cross the bridge to hell
i had regert wat i done but it's too late ..
ther's too much misunderstanding between us ..
beggin u to come back ..
just to hear once more ur voice.. u may see me n i was smiling
but my heart is keep on cryin of the pain it hurts when it beat every second i thinks of u
No one can heal the scar tat's on my heart but only u..
i miss all the past happy moment we had together ..
if only time can rewind back . i will wan de time to freeze. at the moment tat i hug u
i will use my life to percious u.. i swear it's true
cos the feeling tat i lost is impossible to find.. i love u.. :'(

Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 10:44 PM
yohoo hihi everybody WOHOO
time past really fast hor.. haiis
last week? o.O after sch go marsiling 303
help up my fren Guan Hock Tua n sunday finish le
hmmm saturday? when out anihow run :)
and now 7th Month is cumin Wahahaha~
hmmm nth tu post la
simply I AM CONFUSE :S

Monday, August 10, 2009 @ 9:18 PM
hmm.. saturday bored life.. when tu qiang house tok tok

at nite when tu watch GI.JOE wat a nice show haha
and the armor metalic suit so cool i wan one :X
tat sunday Happy b'dae SINGAPORE..
stay at home =.= tat nite when song ka..
after tat when V2 'geylang then Yi nan wang' lavender
drink drink drink~~
in de end home sweet home @ 4++..
monday home until nite when to blk 303
help up my fren sintua event
"guan di gong " b'dae day LOL ..
today come sch thougth got 2.4 =.=
knn teacher no come F ar.. :X
now lesson lor.. free time blog blog awhile
haha shall post until here wait until
my sis laptop no prob tu post pic
tat i will post
lion dance ~
some sam b'dae~
door tat i paint~

Saturday, August 8, 2009 @ 12:01 AM
haiis.. very stress n confuse now..
got something to do but i forget ..
i wanna post some pic but don knw wtf happen tu blog
can't post sorry next time post
YTD is keong b'dae so HAPPY B'DAE KEONGSTER :)
when tu yi nan wang n drink drink drink
haha last whole week normal sch life..
MONEY can't goin out from wallet DIE :(
i need 210 to pay on smth ..
.. Love~
hmmm it's been so long i hab not been cryin
Monday i cry like mad..
but after cryin i feel better n stronger
but the scar on the heart is still hurtful
i really wish tu see u jus once more time n hear ur voice.

Monday, August 3, 2009 @ 5:25 AM
HAHA ytd when out wif my sistern her company COS
it's SAM B'dae :D once again happy b'dae haha..
tis month many people b'dae ...
hmmm today home time no much to do..
come ALN shop wif my meimei
michelle play com lor nth really much tu do..
tat sis call me say got MY FACE @ loreal adverisement

Sunday, August 2, 2009 @ 12:25 AM
YOOHOO everyone got miss me?
hmm i think i kena H1n1 :X
no la sore throat only haben recover leh so long le..
hmmm wednesday thursday after school go help up fren's tua
huart tian tua. seragoon ther
saturday ytd yew kew..after tat rush to marina square
meet KYO cos it's his b'dae :D
Happy birthday KYO only me, kyo, ar pui, ar lian
4 people nth do bring them go clark quary drink lor
walk walk tak tak piic haha
free tat post up gtg bye