Monday, February 22, 2010 @ 3:29 AM
YOOHOO~ haha everytime say yohoo tat's my harlow~
tis year new year is damn sian la
yea n many prob happen at home

14/02 morni go bai nian after tat go movie wif shi jun watch tooth fairy n go jurong ther pub met li ting tat back woodland Jr hsu play black jack..
15/02 lose money not mood go bai nian :X nite meet qiang go civic eat mac tat keong hsu black jack again haha wat a gamble year
16/02 ah gong ther lion dance haha nite meet kyo n ben go geylang walk walk n slp at ben hsu
17/02 morni go lion dance hong cheng
18/02 go tan tock seng wif pei xin watch movie true legend wif ah tiong korkor nite go eat mac his hsu black jack
19/02 lion dance zeng san gong tat nite sin tua tat qi li xiang pub go ther alone la wait for jia ren n ah wang from 12 wait until 3+ they come haii... but aleast they got come good
20/02 Naomi's 21 b'dae haha nite go geylang wif Jr, jia bao n tong lee eat tian ji porridge
21/02 lion dance Aw ling gong kena a beer qi =.= drunk lion so call nite go geylang eat wif lian company n after tat go watch movie da ping xiao jiang
22/02 today wake up go find xiao jiang shi tat go home post blog lol ..

yea yea pic for thos day enjoy..


Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 11:48 AM
YOOHOO~ HAPPY NEW YEAR n valentines day to u my frens
haha wat a year again ..
dairy grand pa story..
2 /02 meet shi jun , tiong korkor, jamsine go MOS eat burger not club haha
3/02 meet jr , wei ming, liting go pub n thai disco after work
4/02 Graduation day haha got toilet paper le.. go orchard lor wif classmate n watch tooth fairy
tat jr hsu drink drink watch Saw 6
5/02 work work sin tua n slp
6/02 after work go buy shoes shoes haha "Vans" de nice
7/02 after work go pub sembawang ther wif jr n andy n jia bao
8/02 after work go QI LI XIANG haha
9/02 workin eye pain pain D:
10/02 after work go MOS eat burger not club once again haha.. wif good fren valen-li :X don knw to spell n racheal haha two jap jap ger they r my cute fren yea n go Jr hsu help him do porfolio
11/02 after work go song ka =.= damn hell cab wait fucking long la du lan
12/02 working last day haha happy sale shout her n ther after tat go Club Alantis for shi yin b'dae haha..
13/02 New year eve at home whole day n eat dinner nice n good steam boat go sintua at nite haha
14/02 now after sin tua reach home post blog too long no post le haha yea
n enjoy thos pic yea

tis god of fortune jus now go sin tua invite he cum haha

thos thing for prayin

today steamboat de food

i so happy i got do tis every ONCE a year only got tis chance family gather together eat
ther's a taste u knw can't be explain

go buy contact len saw tis car

eating after club alantis

thos thing cost $52

tat fucker close ligth when i wanna take his store pic

club alantis

workin place hong kong ppl gif

my lunch haha

OMG hong kong gangster

tis a pic of my fren de cock nice? :X LOL

doin egg roll

se my eye swollen like PIG

qi li xiang

workin place eat snake behind :X

tis cute?? :3

eating wif tis two bro jia ren n jia bao

tis wat i will do some time at work

hong kong ppl tread eat cake

see ppl so sweet :X but i don knw them random tak

tis my class teacher Ms.jean she a nice teacher

gradution day

tis we r good fren ONLY but we "step couple " :X LOL

LASTLY n not forget joyce wan me post something about her
she say she wanna find a cinerella for me LOL ok
i wait next thursday our date hor JOYCE LOL yea sign off~