Tuesday, June 7, 2011 @ 12:28 AM
haha time is really flyin o.o
see so fast 9 month left haha to ORD
thos day busyin of NDP so will be relax
how's my life? normal yup abit heart ache
everytime i may look ok look funny & happy
actually i very sad .. I Let her Go away from me
it's so pain, no pain no gain
haha in end everything still de same!!

"Expectation leads me to Dissapointment" .

haha "LOVE" is jus like this two plate of Snow Ice
when you take the first mouth it feel so sweet.. so nice.. can fly :X
after u started first mouth u can't wait to take another mouth again n again
is just like unstoppable .. slowly u feel numb.. brain freeze de sharp pain yup..
it hurts alot.. but u will still wanna finish it up ..
by the way The most Sweetest n Nicest is Still the First mouth.