Monday, November 23, 2009 @ 8:50 PM

wat happen last week end on Brother (Edwin) wedding


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 @ 7:51 PM

One day past one day
Wat hurts the most
i still can feel the pain of it
deeply in my heart yea..

and yea people believe me i can fly
one day i will proudly fly up high
in sky for u to see :)

thos day nth much go school, go sin tua slack
plan for sin tua da ru zi yea quite stress
many things to do.. sch work.. sin tua work

this saturday is my bro Edwin zhang big day
yea he is goin to marry a ger name Chirstina
they know each other since 2002 until now
finally they are goin to marry Cograt Bro~
how sweet n loving r them.

how i wish tat i could meet my cinerella jus like him
but maybe the time is still not yeah for me? :/
yea n it's such a long tym tat i have not been smiling happily as like before
i also waiting n waiting until my cinerella, my happiness, the times come to me
how i really wish to smile so happy as like before, but i just can't :'(

Sunday, November 15, 2009 @ 6:08 PM
YOHOO~ ytd is past.. today is New day :D 
yea to all person i'm very happy tat u visit my blog 
But pls respect ok ... don abuse, insult or wat ever shit 

Ytd 15 Nov wind very big tua ya pek gif number 7875(gif on friday) 
Saturday open consult prize 
Sunday open 2nd prize but number jump :D 

n tat nite we hab a nice dinner :D @325 kopitiam 

tis is Ar yee n her son Ar hui
see lovely mother n son :/ i'm oso wanna hab tis kinda mother

saturday 14 Nov i jus FARKIN stress :/ 

drink all nite long ~~

14 Nov afternoon when to tis place to eat Buffet 
wif Brother n sister n da sao. n brother fren 
for meeting n tok about his wedding on tis coming saturday

Ya de place cor AMARA siao siao high class lol :X

in mrt nth do tak pic :)

tis my sis she so short LOL :X

Tis pic is took on Wednesday nite 11 Nov after st.james
should be thursday morni ba cos it's 4 am 12 Nov..haha

hai too sian we two like gay :X  jkin jkin 
nth tu do so tak pic after when Jr. hsu watch "Zombie land"
farkin funny de show lol tat until 7am go sch :)
No slp ...tat's why i'm called Superman :X

Just let it go.. i miss u so.. but past is already past so let it go.. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 10:08 PM
TODAY 11-11-2009
11 NOV "kuan kuan jie" (kinda of china festi)
my china classmate told me
this day is a day for SINGLE MAN :D
if reach until today 11:11pm if u r Still a single
u will be single for whole life WTF
I'M A SINGLE but i don wanna whole life been single =.=
it makes me feel sucks man ..

Zoooom~ tis is a pic took on last saturday
on de way back home from St.james :)

SEE ytd when i pack my cupboard

STYLO hor do u find ur name? :X

tis de back

TIs boii name edmund a.k.a EMOrocker
ppl call him superman LOL :X
cos tat day after st.james when home bath go in malaysia
back to sg at morni all de way no slp doin things
until nite go Changi Airport do wat?
His korkor BAT MAN edwin come back from Australia
a.k.a Batman return LOL :X
tat superman don get a chance to slp la..
until nite 12am++ count as monday le
go slp lor.. nxt day go sch lo.. haha

SEE tis is de MOST ugliest car in de world
but i find it very stylo LOL :X

Sunday, November 8, 2009 @ 5:39 PM
LOL yoyoyoyoyo~ 
hmmm wat a new week :D 
2nd week of Nov very fast goin holiday le haha 
say fast not fast... say slow not slow.. 
time jus fly.. hmmm last saturday go St.james Powerhouse :D 
the music not so nice.. 
but not bad so long no go club  
see until alot of old fren :D .. 
tat day i NVR go hong girl girl see i good boi :X 
go dancing only LOL trust mi really '
yea let's tok about love.. hmm 
many ppl told me "jiu de bu qi, xin de bu lai" 
means if u don let go the old .. the new won't come 
so haiis... i will jus let relationship thing be natural 
when time comes ... my cinerella will appear i believe 
"my happiness will come back tu me one day" :) 
smile haha happy go lucky :) 
RMB to tag wor :D

Friday, November 6, 2009 @ 10:43 PM
HAHA normal day normal life
haii.. thos day i think my temper is ot so good mus control...
SMILE :) no tu get angry so easily :D
tonite goi St.james :D long tym no go club le haha
go dance dance ... yea

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 @ 8:40 PM


don knw is stress up or wat..
very thing like mess up..

i mus be strong like a samurai

no dead heart

yea normal sch life tis year halloween is de most SIAN de
haii i'm jus like carryin a die hp ... no one msg me auto..

I TRYIN very hard to find my happiness but
in de end all is jus a dream~ :/
waiting for my cinerella but everytime the clock is past 12'0
she will not appear n dissapear infornt of me :'(
i really miss her n i really still love her alot but..

she hate me...

all the moment of sweet time tgt becum a dream
it been so long i haden seen ur face.
Tryin be Strong, but the strength is washing away
it such a long .. it such a long for u to come back, no body is goin to forget tat it was my birthday, my stupid birthday..
ligth up the candles, lonely is brigthen
i wanna make up rigth now, rigth now

Low Peiyu

waiting for u always