Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 6:52 PM
YOHOO~ is me Erocker again
yea army life did change me anot
cause wake up eat do exercise everyday chiong chiong chiong
1 SIR battlion jiu shi na mo siong
no stress is no stress .. still will think of Past tat really hurts me alot
but when every nite i slp tat's T.xinyii haha ;D
got her pei me chat on phone :D tat's enough n so happy
it has been so long no one pei me chat every nite le
day by day past so fast it's already 1 mnth le haha
everytime book out saw ppl fetch my Coy mate
but haiis... don knw when then i got someone wait for me :(
jus back from OUT Field Camp @ tekong last nite so tired
tonite book in again =.=
so thnx for all de tagged yea fren Tak care

yea i learn a army song nice
" i ask my ger~
to tak a walk~
to tak a walk, down orchard road~
pass by Mandarin~ to Centre point~
wher we had lunch~ at Macdonald~
we had fillet~ & a apple pie~
we share a cup of lemon lime~
i hold her hands~ look in to her eye~
i ask my ger~ to be my valentines~
ther was one nite~
ther was no ligth~
ther was no ligth~
so we use touch ligth~
touch ligth not brigth~
so we use moon ligth~
i ask my ger, to be my Furture Wife~