Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 1:57 PM

thos picc is took wif my class AD081I
we when to mediacorp @ 19/1/2008
to watch Okto live

Haha yoyo


@ 9:32 AM
lol yo yo HAPPY NUI YEAR yea~
ytd when tu Old school hhaha
startin go in saw a fren (malay boi)
so dance with him but u knw wat
two girl suddenly cum in so high tat dance with us
LOL kena molested =X
okok while fun .. haha
today slp until 5pm wake up..
eat tuan yuan fan
tiis year tuan yuan fan sux
no steam boat =(
i ask mummi why she say papa mi u n jie eatin only
so no steam boat sad lor x(
after then pray pray tu god
hope god will protect us ping ping an an
he jia wan shi xin x)
but haiiyo..
papa n mammi quarrel again x'(
everytym so fan ..
why we can't happy hapy tat's de reason some time
don feel lk stay at home
hmm.. haha
btw ltr 7am goin yio chu kang chu shi
mit up WEN YONG bro gogogo
haha so happy
don wanna go ah ma hsu cause
leave mi a sad memori
one more no hong bao =X
cause ar ma pass away no long ago..
hmm.. btw @ here
EMOrock3r wiish Bro, Frens, ALL

Friday, January 23, 2009 @ 9:13 AM
haha tmr tat's a club @ Old School
haha still don knw wanna go mah..
btw today ridwan b'dae happy b'dae to u yea xD
jus now go his hsu mit up 768 bro tat eat eat
tat after tat join wen yong brother..
cum down time play game live 4 dead LOL
btw new year is so close xD
haha nth realli much tu post x) ..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 @ 9:31 PM
wat a day
ytd when to media corp
watch okto live LOL
lol so proud of myself =X
hmm.after sch go hong ceng trainning lor..
btw new year cumin wohoo~
Btw linked xinting n salad le yea
hmm & ya de" \m/ " who tagged mi Who r u? o.O
don be shy i don eat people..
don knw wat tu post le =X
so YEA~ sign off at here

Sunday, January 18, 2009 @ 10:00 PM
last week @hong ceng nearly figth wif kyo =.=
friday nite trainning time Quarr about way he tok n mi..
LOL saturday after trainning both of us oso luk forget it
LOL..funni lor..
hmm..sunday sleep until very song but kena wake by yi mei =.=
tell mi go buy breakfast @11 am.. haiis anithin help her buy lor..
but tat wait until slp wake up at 1 saw my sis
WTF u eat the breakfast.. tat du lan lor jiu scold her..
but then jie sorry la.. u nvr ask tat eat i scold u i wrong ok..
haha after tis cor her wher u.. wait 2hr le leh..
she say sorry sorry .. =.= ok lor nvr mind don feel luk go out..
tat she say meet her le.. ok lor anithin meet her at cwp jiu go eat eat
hmm eat fried oyster LOL oyster look luk ji bai =X
after tat jiu cum my house talk talk chit chating lor ..
then jiu go bugis meet ah beng, vincent, ah seng, kyo, ben & lastly but not less Michelle xD
half way she forget bring text book back hostel tat pei her go her house take
tat shooting rush down bugis meet them walk walk buy shirt
haha eat carlos Jr. x)
after eat sent her go tu mrt tak train back hostel.
i can't sent u all way back cause i got meet my frens ok..
before meeting .. yesterday appointment them come bugis le..
pei u like tat not enough? u ain't my gf ..
haiis.. tell u a thing
RAT love CAT alot..
but CAT tell RAT to leave..
in end no one knw..
CAT oso cry .. because CAT & RAT cannot be together..
one more..
a Xiang yam Ai siang Huo cai
zhu ting shi yao bei HURT ..
think her ther..
Let's be friend better x)
realli hope u can understand...yea~
today wake up at 10:30 fuck so late..
=.= aiya morni lesson pon nvr mind =X
go mit fren eat tat go back sch.. for afternoon lesson lor..
haha now post until here mus do work le..
after school goin meet michelle =X

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 @ 11:13 PM

haha found last tym de pic veri funny
btw DON WORRY .. we are not de gay

@ 10:39 PM

haha... edit add in more little bit nicer?
hmmm ..
i think ok la..
haha today 1 pm start lesson i also late =X
slp until too happy
hmm GPA drop 3.54 becum 3.28
SAD ..
haha later after sch go mit Wen Yong Frens
for lion dance RAWR haha
btw kyo u becum more n more GUA LAN
don knw how tu say u la..
say u, keep on talk back
na bei ji bai.. go find out urself la..
when until i cheng xim don wan tok tu u le la..
i sure u will say don tok jiu don tok ..
but don say it so early ok..
go tu think about it man..
u r not secondary sch teenager anymore..
We r young adult ok.. i say u is for ur own good
.. Love?
No one wan mi leh =X
ok la.. wait lor
time come my cinerella sure will appear
i think i oso don wanna go find girl fren le la..
enjoying single life..
but.. " hui yi guo qiu, tong ku de xiang si.. Wang bu liao.."

Sunday, January 11, 2009 @ 5:34 PM
yoyo 2nd week of 2nd year haha 
today mus design own logo =.= 
create 8 name 8 sketches 
saturday when to chinatown walk walk 
wif wen yong ppl tat 
we catch a movie at AMK hub 
we watch Red cliff 2 
haha ok ha nice la.. 
12:30 watch until 3 am 
tat tak cab wif kyo go home eat tat orh orh 
sunday leh . . 
when to blk 16 visit ar ma ar gong .. 
tat when to meet jia ren at CWP walk walk 
tat saw peiyu =/ 
she walk away jus luk don knw mi
very sad lor D'x 
when evertime msg her she oso reply.. 
pei yu.. pei yu.. 
i knw i last time treat u luk so bad.. 
forgive mi can?? 
can't we forget the past?  


Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 12:51 AM

woo~ wat a day again

spending in sch doin a new project

to mi ugly leh =(

not sa-tic-fy =X

don knw how tu spell haha

yea sch end le..

go buy new year cloth lor

bye xD


Monday, January 5, 2009 @ 6:35 PM
woohoo.. Ohaiyo gaseimasu 
ytd frist day sch so high 
end up no chio bu =.= 
LOL =x 
haf way of sch go ar sheng hsu play 
very nice the show lol.. 

haha today late for sch 
lesoon start 8 
i 8:40 reach 
BUT teacher reach 9 LOL 
end up no late lor...
happy haha.. 
now goin do logo design no time le bye 
rock off here yea... 


Sunday, January 4, 2009 @ 7:07 AM
woohoo...wat a holiday year?
yea went to sentosa to count down..
2 / 1
went to vivo wif mama n korkor
tat go da-ben BBQ
his b'dae yea
haha ytd 3/1
korkor went back to austrila le byebye cya next year haha
before those day
spenting wif WEN YONG
my lion dance troop ppl
haha habin fun wif them
thnx for u all colour up my life x)
abt love?
haha F off
mi has ordy cheng xim le..
all those love is fake to mi
ppl can act for 1 week 2 week x)
but ot for every haha..
i will wait n wait
waiting for my cinerella to appear realli