Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @ 10:45 PM
thnks for the wishes my frens :)

YO~ 21/9 Monday blue
doin nth very much but at nite
OUTING to JB hahaha
wif jagong, weiming, sai kid, xiao pang, dong lee
go ther find things to eat shoping walk walk
go disco :X until nite no bus go home
so we decide go hotel and many happening things happen
WOOO~ very high nite
.(post up piic when free alrite)

22/9 tuesday
nth much ben lai wanna meet xiao jiang shi Rebecca*
BUT she tua me :( nvr xi guan le haiss.
nite when to Swensen ice-cream haha
wif mama.. thnx mama for feed mi until so big
nite go see bloodties Wif wei ming n sai kid

ok nice show n after tat when home SLP~~

23/9 Wednesday
haha afternoon when sch make up lesson
tat go home bath at nite meet
BRo Angtiong , sai kid, xiao pang, chang en, wei ming
and dong lee ..yi xiang join us at back
OK it's a FUN nite at v3
we play until like crazy mad..
at the same time in that nite I LEARN alot of things
wat's call brother.. Wanna happy happy together ..Wanna hungry hungry together
thnks to ang tiong korkor i percious u..
24/9 Thursday today
reached home from v3 can't slp whole nite
don knw is happy ? or sad? haii
happy for 18 yr.o only
sad for when ever nite i saw a Sitch doll which slp beside 2 years
it's a birthday present from someone.. i still waiting for
so i decide msg her.. yea she reply but IT hurts :')
hais yea i'm a dead body, disgustine, my eng sux
i will always rmb wat u say.. u Rmb wat i say to
Hate me for who i am ..u bitch.. i wan u to hate me
so that u will still rmb ther's a person call edmund Living in tis world
i give up on u.. such ther's really no more chance
LOW PEI YU i will nvr forget u
listen I WAN U TO REGERT i'm not revenge..
i wan u to pay up the prize for playin my feelin..
One Day u will get it ..
wat i believe Krama "YIN GUO"
ok shang you shang bao, er you er bao, bu shi bu bao, Shi cheng wei tao
mean u will get wat foods tat u hav planted
then too sad no mood go run run run
back home lie dwn close my eye.. heart is crying..
n now at sch habin make up lesson :)
should post until here yea tonite ther's BBQ wahaha

Sunday, September 20, 2009 @ 9:44 AM

NICE this present to me from Ar Si jiejie :D
Thank you~

capture a piic of a CRANE in a kopi shop?
at 20-09-2009 morni at 19 kopitiam

yea tis the new hair style?

Mmm mowark moowark :X nth tu do
tis took behinde lorry on 19-09-2009
on the way to tian gong tua

HHAha yea let see 3 more days :D
hmmm friday 18-9 ater sin tua go 325 n 326
kopitiam ther cos last day 7th Mth ppl invite our tua ya pek go ther walk walk
n finally everythings settle at almost 3 am
so go ind jia ren watch "Jian yu feng yun"
prison on fire .. chow yew fa got act de nice show
no sleep lo. super man already morni 7 ride my BIKE cycle :X
to 325 meet up sin tua member cos wanna go
tian gong tua & tang kar bioy..
pray pray .. chop chop.. thos thing
after that when back our tua
slackin tok tok...tidy up & clean up
and we when to lie down on floor sleep
But it"s like only 1:30 hour 2pm to 3:30 pm
yup after tat slack chit chat tok tok
nite invite Ji gong n Zai zai come sit sit
ban gong .. after finish when to 211
eat lor... when tu meet jia ren 1 am like tat
go wei qiang house watch scoccer LOL
finish go home reach at 3:30 am sleep at 4:30 am
and then wake up at 9am today 20-09-2009 Nice day hor
But but but its like woo 3 nite sleep for few hours
hmmm 72 hours wake 6 hours restin only
and then morni go tua .. ang tiong korkor kin tea to his gan papa n mama
tat we go guan ming san pray his papa
and then when back sin tua Cor kun recall army back tu sin tua n eat
haha and go eat n sleep awhile if no i wanna die le..
sleep only for 1 hour =.= wake up go clean up
n kopitian 325 eat eat chit chat toktok until now
jus reach home bath then come type type blog haha
but every excited Bdae reachin WOOO~
haha yea yea yea monday don knw wat tu do tuesday meet little vampire
wednesday goin back sch then celebra at nite :X
haha should post until her cya fren :D
RMB tu tag wor

Thursday, September 17, 2009 @ 6:06 PM
haha 15/9 tuesday go home slack wif fren 
Cut hair.. little Dissapointed for my new hair style :(
haiisss nvm cut dou cut le wat tu do hair can grow de NO scare :) 
16/9 wednesday
when tu "jia dou" direct translate eat table :X 
no la tat eat eat eat after tat when to boat quay Dols&Guys 
haha drink drink drink 
tat home sweet home 4am :X 
17/9 thursday 
morni de lesson no come :X 
over slp.. so come sch Kena make up lesson =.= 
next week start holiday but wednesday need to come back =.= 
rush up all thos work .. NVM OK DE MAH!! :D 
tat after sch go home see news paper WTF 
7572 tua ya pek gif de words open Frist prize ji bai :X 
tat the leng ki people piao for $8888 tat day 
guess wat 
8888 Also OPEN WTF =.= 
go to meet jia ren slack slack n fren company until morni 
go home bath come sch hahaha 
Hmm let mi see today 18/9 Wahaha 6 more day to my birthday 
haha today last day school relax later sin tua lor.. 
tis week end goin tu busy about sin tu stuff gain :) 
so wish u all my fren hab a nice day Cya~ 
DON forget to tag tag wor & link link yea 

Monday, September 14, 2009 @ 10:40 PM
haha that day 9.9.9 after go eat dinner wif yin hui, sam sam ther all go
to pub =.= don knw wat's is called.. tat rush for last train back tu woodland
meet up 768 frens.. slack at circle green until 4:30 am.. mmm
10/9 thursday
wake up go sch afternoon
after sch go sintua we go AMK centre ther invite da ya pek
do 7th Mnth things..
after tat go home shower
com out TON
11/9 friday
no sleep LOL..
wif ang tiong.. n felica
MM friday morni go breakfast wif ang tiong korkor n felicia
jenny join in in morni after brk fast go prepare 7th mnth stuff
for own sintua Damn busy.. shack.. tired =.=
after all nite invite tua ya pek come sin tua save ppl..
8:30 i go tu "Jin ba li" haha meet jia ren n wei ming..
but i feel very bad left the rest tu busy
but it's a good choice wan my didi tu learm themselves w/o me
haha they when tu amk centre after ban gong
but i'm drunk in "jin ba li" :X
after drink drink drink go 888 meet jenny .. sock hoon . shi jie
eat eat eat.. wth keong drunk so when under his blk carry him home..
WAO home at 4:30 am super man le..
bath .. BIG SLEEP~~
12/9 saturday
wake at 1pm go meet angtiong korkor n shi fu
sintua slackin until 6pm go down AMK centre eat table :X "jia tiok"
wao the ppl jus piao a pair of tua yi ya pek leng ki ( tua li ya pek's command flag)
Guess how much it's shockin $8888 o.O
lol tat at ther invite tua ya pek tu come ban gong again
open the pair of leng ki wif his blood..
after all go back tu woodland it's alrdy 2am =.=
go 211 kopitiam eat slack reach home 4am SLEEP~
13/9 sunday
when tu Bugis wif Ang tiong korkor, Joey jiejie, felicia
walk walk ang tiong n felica go correct sin tua stuff
nmi n joey jiejie go shop LOL
after tat go tu ang tiong korkor de Er yee hsu
cos it's her 51th Birthday haha
after tat when tu sin tua slack tat circle green
meet sock hoon . shi jie. jia ren. jenny
reach 2+am we go 888 eat but ang tiong n felicia go home..
Jenny pian tai .. i wanna go home she say NO =.=
hack care who u r tu me command me =.=
sleep~~~ ZzzZzzZ
14/9 YTD monday
no go sch :X
afternoon ang tiong korkor cor me go to Lim chu kang
cemetery at nite tu help ppl do "Cao du" spirts
after busy go 325 kopitiam eat little go home at 10 pm
catch incretible tales hmmm not scary de :( dissapointed
after tat go orhorh sleep~
15/9 Woo~ today
come sch lor... normal day normal life nth much :)
should post until here cya fren go tu do my Animation project le Bye~~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 @ 12:54 AM
YO today the devil day 09 09 09
WAhahaha devil cum out eat up all of us :X
jokin la.. so don scare i protect u frens :X
hmm..monday pon sch ..
cos over sleep :X
haiis.... jus don knw why thos day i can't slp till 3 or 4 am :((
someone save me or give me some sleepin pill
hmm ytd after sch when tu 325 wdl kopi shop ther
help up fren tu do 7th mth things
tat in end when home sweet home @ 12
but not tired can't slp =.=
today after sch i goin tu meet ar huay yin hui n sam sam see
haha for dinner :)
nth much to post haha thos day in sch playin
facebook de game Fish-a-Fish
LOL it's FUN u knw haha now should post until here
go facebook fishing :X

Saturday, September 5, 2009 @ 5:23 AM

BANG BANG BANG ~~ YOO everyone :)

31 Aug when back tu EVG evergreen sec

Yea tis is my Didi ivan Wahaha took at teacher days

sweet corn jagong & didi & me

wth when took i oso didn't notice

Yea Liping meimei & clara & me & jagong LOL

@ nite when tu PLAY club alone lol
when tu ther here fren ther ok de mah
sellin tickets lor but CB la 9 tickets tio basturd
i die very jia liat :( first time TMD

Waiting for first train hmm.. Alone? haha
yea reach home orh orh
Thursday normal sch normal life
after sch when ah gong sintua do 7th Mnth stuff
go home slp...

YEA SORRY if messy u up
ya ben lai ..2 Spet wednesday..Wen yong my lion dance troop go takashima competion
But SAD we did not go cos not enough time to train NVM
it's ok we wait for next year JIA YOU!!
SO go tu geylang tat clark quay "bar dot" tat "whiskey bar"

so drink drink~ sing sing~ relax lor..

yea countiue jus now friday 4 sept
when class outing we my CLASS AD081 I :)
Army open house 2009

Ger u my sugar~ i cor u candy~
yea after all thos go back sintua
Recall army :X " Cor Kui"
is like callin heaven army come down eat only lo
nite tua ya pek come Ban gong lor.
morni go find ang tiong korkor tat do sintua stuff
jump tua pek gong
now at home post some pic haha :)
hope u enjoy ^^ don forget to leave tag tag :D
& yea
EMOrock3r is still rockin
everything will be fine with a SMILE :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 @ 7:02 AM
WAhahaha~ friday when sin tua go lim chu kang
do 7th mth things.. settle le tat (post some pic when it been up load)
saturday? i'm so lonly at home~~
blah blah blah blah
wake up~ eat~ watch tv~ slp~
sunday when tu see "Ge Tai" @ woodland 368
is like wth ge tai standard becum more n more lousy
Monday when back tu secondary Sch
EVERGREEN SECONDARY (post some pic when free)
after tat go CWP walk walk play arcade
nite when tu PLAY club alone =.=
go ther saw many many fren :)
sell ticket sell sell sell tat 9 tickets tio basturd :(
ok ytd oso make some fren
alone waiting for frist train home =.=
lol tat reach at 6:45 like tat she 7+ am
wake up 5 come find BRO jagong LOL
yea "HAPPY TEACHER DAY" n should post until here