Sunday, August 15, 2010 @ 10:08 PM
HEYYO fren finally get to blog haha
thos week really really busy on YOG stuff
haha finally opening is end wif nice remarks
wel done to SAF haha
so many thing cok up n we still can make it.

hmm.. haha tml is ur day my fren tan hui min ur 108 of pass away

yea 7th month is year 7th month like lol nth :X
ytd nite got time go cemetery find my ahma go pai pai :)

yea last week F man my posb card lose .. curse the person who steal it F

thos day i had a problem very serious i always forget wat to do so n tat
really really very messy in my head :(
maybe not enough slp, rest or too much prob too stress of
i really wanna be like last time the me happy happy
i'm tryin very hard but jus can't ..

i find out, it's really time i need a person ther for me ..

do u think i really look happy?

i wanna be like bird flyin high up in sky

LOL tis wat we guys do if u slp :X

everyone is tired.. after all me n my buddy is still awake toking cock


see old chang kee sponsor food
it taste .. :S

hoo... kung fu figthin

see my fren naresh his so stress

go out drink tgt :D it oso only way i enjoy relax myself
for not stress n think too many things


i look so gay wif thos stuff deco by 2 sis, amy & jin wen

best fren 3 person walk a path tgt

tis amy n jin wen

yea his first book out *look at his face his drunk :X

* see tis man slpin & the ah pek beside* LOL